Snoopy Collectibles

Snoopy Collectibles are all from before 1992. And most of them are early pieces from around the 1970's and early 1980's.
IM000568.JPG Snoopy Small Chef Cookie Jar
Snoopy small Chef cookie jar made in the late 1970's by Determined Productions. Hat lifts off. 7 1/2" high.
IM000479.JPG Woodstock Radio
Woodstock radio with hand strap. no box 6" high. Very good condition no cracks. Has syndicate mark.
IM000477.JPG Snoopy Thunderbird Music Box
Snoopy drives a Blue Thunderbird, Woodstock sits on the rear tire, License plate caption is "2 Cool". 10 1/2" long made in Korea 1989. Plays Don't Be Cruel. Music box works. Has Syndicate mark.
IM000633.JPG Snoopy Balance Bar
Snoopy Balance Bar in the original box never been opened. Box in good condition. Made in Hong Kong by Aviva Toy Co. United Feature Syndicate product.
IM000603.JPG Snoopy train
Snoopy Engine, Snoopy as engineer and Woodstock as a passenger in cab. Aviva Toy Co., Corp. 1958-65 United Feature Syndicate Made in Hong Kong.
scan0019.jpg FAO Schwartz catalog
FAO Schwartz toy catalog with Snoopy characters on the cover. 1990.
scan0017.jpg Metropolitan Life Snoopy
Snoopy is advertising Metropolitan Life Insurance. 1992
scan0013.jpg February 83
Beagle Bugle a Snoopy newsletter. A couple of articles about Knotts Berry farm which is where Snoopy has a Beagle Scout Park. Paper is dated February 1983.
scan0014.jpg June 1983
Beagle Bugle a Snoopy newsletter.. This is June 1983. High fashion with Belle. Center page has fashion pictures for Snoopy and Belle. Also has June calendar with Snoopy items on page.
scan0015.jpg September 83
Beagle Bugle dated September 1983. Grand opening of Knott's Berry farm where Camp Snoopy opened on July 1st. More fashions for Snoopy and Belle in centerfold and a September calendar with events and a lot of pictures from camp Snoopy. Articles are also about people from around the world in all of the papers.
scan0012.jpg Spring 1984
Beagle Bugle is Snoopy newspaper. Articles; Snoopy Flashdance, Sydney Fans applaud Snoopy Musical, Cards and Santa Rosa museum for Snoopy. Back page has some stains.
scan0022.jpg Autumn 1984
Snoopy's Beagle Bugle newspaper Autumn 1984. Articles Snoopy in Orbit return, Good Grief its Snupius,Dr. Snoopy, Camp Snoopy and other articles. Picture of Prince Charles with Snoopy on front page. Shipping included.
scan0023.jpg Summer 1984
Snoopy Beagle Bugle newspaper summer 1984. Articles are First Snoopy Ice Cream and Cookie Company store in San Francisco, TV Special on Two World Wars. Flashbeagle Phenomenon and Dr. Snoopy's advice column.
scan0024.jpg December 1984
Snoopy's Beagle Bugle newspaper December 1984. Articles are: a lot of Charlie Brown articles, Snoopy's 20the Year on Television, Dr. Snoopy, centerfold of Snoopy and a lot of friends, and a picture of Snoopy with Mr. T.
scan0008.jpg Thanksgiving Puzzle
Thanksgiving Snoopy Puzzle by Hallmark. Has a greeting card, envelope and puzzle. Never opened.
scan0005.jpg Xmas puzzle
Snoopy holiday puzzle for Xmas, Hallmark. Has card, envelope and puzzle. Never opened.
documents045.jpg Sn sport plate
Peanuts Gang Sport plate, "Go Deep". Football First Edition with original box. Very good condition.
IM000783.JPG 783 Sn Train set
783 Snoopy Train set, battery operated, all pieces are in box by Aviva. Has been used. In original box. Shipping included.
IM000786.JPG 786 Viewmaster
786 Snoopy viewmaster electric by GAF in original container. 1970 Has been used. Shipping $5.00
Pict0367.jpg 367 Gum Ball Machine
367 Charlie Brown Gum Ball Packet, original not opened. 1987 Superior Toy & Mfg. Co. Shipping included. Some of the gum ball are discolored.
Pict0410.jpg 410 Snoopy Soda glass
410 Snoopy Ice Cream soda ceramic glass. Has Snoopy with a bunch of ballons on the side. Determined Productions, Inc. 5" high Shipping $3.25
Pict0437.jpg Sn 437 Snoopy Alarm clock
437 Snoopy alarm clock, all metal case and keys. Equity Industries Corp., Va. Made in Hong Kong. Never been opened, is in box and shrink wrapped.
Pict0438.jpg Sn 438 Sn Kanteen
Sn 438 Snoopy Kiddie Kanteen red made by ARC Co., Fifth Ave., N Made in Hong Kong never opened shrink wrapped.
Pict0581.jpg 581 CB and Lucy handcar
518 Charlie Brown and Lucy handcar by Lionel #6-18413 in 1991. Original packaging never opened. Shipping calculated at time of packaging.
Pict0604.jpg 604 Mug Red Baron
604 Red Baron large Mug with The Red Baron of Germany on the front. I had this with my Snoopy collection. It is in very good condition but it has a chip on the bottom rim that could be from the factory. Shipping extra.
Pict0605.jpg 605 Snoopy patches
605 Snoopy patches two for one money. Snoopy and Peppermint Patty, Snoopy and Charlie Brown. They are both in original packages and never been opened. One has a fold on the bottom. EZ International Product. I believe they are from the early 1980's. Shipping will be $4.50
Pict0606.jpg 606 Snoopy patches
606 Snoopy patches, two for one money. Snoopy and Woodstock on both. Packages are in mint condition and never been opened. I believe they are from the 1980"s. Shipping will be $4.50